Back to France

Well well I’m back to France for the Christmas holidays, and even if I am working during this week it still feels like I’m on vacation!

When you are home you realize how easy and comfortable it feels to be in a place you know so well. The streets are familiar, and the people too. After a few minutes, I could almost forget that I was now living in Norway! But I know so well that after a few weeks or months being back, I would miss being abroad. Living out of France sounds like an adventure to me: new places to visit, new things to see, new people to meet, and a lot to learn. I guess this is the main topic of this blog, by the way…

Sunrise in the 17th quarter, Paris

Back in France for a week, I realized that you could still discover new things when home: things that appeared while you were away, or things that had been there forever but you never paid attention to. It feels comforting to know that when I will come back to France for good (if I ever will), there will still be new things to discover, to learn, and to share!

I am lucky enough to have a job and a situation that allow me to travel and to live abroad. I sincerely hope that while I am enjoying being away, there is another lucky guy from some place around the world who enjoys discovering all the great things about France!

The Bastille Armory, could be useful for the next revolution!

I guess the point is to be where you feel the most comfortable. If you feel good at home and you don’t understand these people who prefer to live in a suitcase and to move place every year, then stay where you are! There are probably a lot of good things to do around you.

If you feel like taking your backpack and jumping on the first plane to an unknown destination, then do it too! Whether it is for a few days or a few years, you probably won’t regret it!

Someone one day told me “Home is where your heart feels at ease.” I guess it speaks for itself.


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