Snow in France

The snow has conquered Europe! At least for a week or two. It has been snowing a bit for the last few days and with the low temperatures the snow does not melt. This situation may be typical for a winter in Norway and in other northern countries, but having snow on the ground and on the roads for more than 2 or 3 days is not common in most other places, at least not in Paris and in Normandy!

Frozen trees

I don’t recall seeing snow for more than 2 days in a row when I was a kid, but I do recall making a snowman and seeing him die/melt after just a few hours! French kids may be happy about that weather, but most people are not adapted to that situation. Some people were not able to go to work on the first snowing days, the electricity consumption of the country is exceeding what the power plants can produce, and if you are lucky you wake up in a room at 15°C in the morning.

Nevertheless, it is a great opportunity to grab a good jacket and waterproof shoes, to go out on a sunny day, and to enjoy the beautiful winter landscapes everybody thought had disappeared due to global warming! You might even try to go cross country skiing in the French countryside!

Fields in Normandy

Wait.. am I becoming Norwegian?


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One response to “Snow in France”

  1. chris vdb says :

    tiens tiens des paysages que je connais!


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